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WASP Presents DeltaWASP 3MT – Pricipal of 4D Simulations

Big dimensions printing DeltaWASP 3MT is a self-production instrument used to create big dimensions objects (one cubic meter maximum), freely and personalized. It can print furniture like chairs, tables, lamps, coat racks, umbrella stands. Moreover, it is an ideal tool for designers and architects, technical schools, universities, research centers. Another application is in the automotive

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Medical Implants with the help of 3D Printing

The metal surface coatings applied to orthopedic implants allow a three-dimensional interconnected array of pores throughout the coating thickness, which in turn helps to promote bone tissue in-growth and provide long-term stability of the implant. The traditional processes used to apply these coatings including sintering and plasma spraying. The introduction of direct metal transfer (DMT)

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Post Processing of 3D Printed Parts

In a perfect world, 3D prints would all leave our printers prepared to go. In any case, as anybody with a 3D printer knows, this is not generally the situation, and eventually a large portion of us will wind up attempting to flawlessly expel underpins from our prints without leaving an uneven surface on our

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