In a recent webinar, John Good, 3D Platform’s (3DP) VP Global Sales and Marketing, sat down with Design World to discuss the ways in which 3DP’s newest large-format printer concepts are driving stronger business values within manufacturing.

Here are the top 5:

  1. Large Build Volume

Traditional desktop 3D printers are perfect for prototype parts but can be costly in terms of volume productions and time-to-market.

Large build platforms that can be customized up to 4 m x 4 m x 100 m provide manufacturers with the ability to produce near-net shape parts, helping to cut costs and reduce time-to-market.

  1. Speed

Current extruders are limited in terms of their thermal capacity, therefore making them insufficient in their abilities to melt and dispense filament rapidly. They typically have an average throughput of 36 grams per hour.

Large format extruders, such as the HFE (high flow extruder) 900, provide a 6-mm diameter that increases the throughput of the materials while decreasing the 3D print time for each product.

  1. Flexibility

Additive, subtractive, and robotics are core processes, and each has its own unique role in the manufacturing toolkit. Customers want the optimal tool for their printing tasks.

3DP has taken the direction that allows for multiple processes (additive, subtractive, robotics) simultaneously. With a parallel gantry configuration, customers can 3D print a project (additive), cut away it’s support structures (subtractive), and finish it near net shape (robotics) – decreasing cost of production and time-to-market.

  1. Open Market Solutions

Materials development will be a key factor in AM applications and solutions. With an open market solution, 3DP is harnessing the energy of material scientists globally, who know how to blend various polymers to achieve specific end goals for certain projects.

An open software market also opens the floodgates of innovation by providing real-time 3D printed models that can be easily accessed and shared.  By providing an open system, customers have full access to 3DP’s firmware, software, and hardware, allowing them to customize the machine to fit their specific end uses.

  1. Reliability, Performance & Affordability

Technology used for commercial-grade products won’t work for production applications. To answer the demands of reliability and performance, companies need to utilize industry-proven mechanical and electrical components, along with the appropriate software integration.

3DP’s motion system technology not only improves cycle time and final part quality, it also provides an affordable solution in terms of acquisition costs and operating costs.

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