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J850™ Digital Anatomy™ 3D Printer

Proven anatomical realism.

Experience the power of Stratasys 3D printing for medical devices like never before. Our advanced printing materials and software make it possible to create realistic 3D models of human anatomy that look and feel like real bone and tissue. Download the brochure to discover more!


A quick look at J850™ Digital Anatomy™

The J850 Digital Anatomy Printer brings medical models to life with incredible realism that accurately represents both the appearance and response of human tissue. These 3d printed anatomical models​ provide unmatched clinical versatility, repeatability, and accuracy for healthcare professionals and medical device companies. 

J850™ Digital Anatomy™ Applications


Consumer goods

1. Functional prototyping
2. Design prototyping


Consumer electronics

1. Functional prototyping
2. Design prototyping



1. Research Institutes
2. University “in-house” 3D printing

Key benefits



Supports engineers and designers with different needs during various stages of the product development cycle is challenging.


Office & user-friendly

Provides the benefits of an engineering-grade printer without the hassles.


Reducing costs & time

All-in-one multi-material PolyJet printer with highest quality and value.

Supporting Materials

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