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H13 steel Zetamix Filament

H13 steel is suitable for any FFF/FDM 3D printer and can be sinter in a tubular furnace in argon or nitrogen atmophere.

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H13 steel

H13 steel is commonly used for hot or cold work tooling application and allows the production of a wide variety of tools such as extrusion die or injection mold. Moreover this material has a high level of ductility, thermal and electrical conductivity and resistance to corrosion.


. Printing temperature: 180°
. Sintering process: From 20 °C to 500°C at 10°C/ then Up to 1350°C at 50°C/h, holding time 2h in argon or nitrogen atmosphere.


. Density of more than 90%
. Suitable for internal tooling
. High temperature resistant
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