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VeroVivid Color Family

Vivid translucent color materials

Full Vivid Color

The VeroVivid family adds striking color to all parts and prototypes. The ability to simulate over 500,000 colors and unlimited tints provides unique full color capabilities to prototypes of all kinds.

Digital Material Possibilities

When combined as digital materials with other Stratasys PolyJet materials like VeroWhite, VeroUltraClear, or the Agilus30 family the possibilities become endless. Create color in multiple shore values, simulating finishes, creating realistic packaging, or life like medical parts.

Typical applications



Color is one of the most important elements of any design. The ability to prototype in full color with the VeroVivid family of materials allows designers, educators, and medical professionals the ability to see their real design in the accurate colors.

26 (1).png

Simulating Pantone Colors

Using a simple workflow, Stratasys VeroVivid CMY colors when used with VeroBlack and VeroWhite materials can be matched to 1,970 printable PANTONE Colors, solid-coated and skin tones. 3D printing with PANTONE reduces time and costs significantly and ensures superior color fidelity.

Production Parts

Simulating Finishes and Textures

Using a more robust workflow including images and GrabCAD print, advanced users can simulate finishes like wood, leather, and stone. Simulated finishes along with texture and transparency can create a realistic model close in quality to any high fidelity model.

27 (1).png

Production Parts

Medical models must be as realistic as possible to be of use to doctors and medical professionals. When used with transparent materials the VeroVivid family of materials can mimic the human body and models can become a tool for educating patients and doctors.

Performance properties

11 (1).png
20-30 J/m
11 (1).png
11 (1).png
75-110 MPa
11 (1).png

60-70 MPa

Compatible printers

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