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Support Materials

Versatile support materials enable complex designs.

3D printing supports let you create complex parts, free from accommodations that limit your design. Overhangs, meshing parts and small intricate features are possible, thanks to support materials that work in tandem with model materials to create your parts.

FDM support materials are available in breakaway and soluble forms. Soluble support is removed in a solution of heated water and a cleaning agent, for hands-free productivity. Breakaway supports are removed manually. The material your part is made from determines which type of support you can use.

Typical applications

21 (1).png

Breakaway Support

Applications for breakaway support include simpler designs with easy access for removal, and parts made with thermoplastics that use this type of support exclusively.

soluble support

Soluble Support

Soluble support is most effective for parts with features that are hard to access by hand and for multi-piece assemblies with small clearances between moving parts. Support in these areas is easily washed away when the part is submerged in the dissolution tank.

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