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Zetamix Ɛ filament

Ɛ filaments are compatible with most of FFF/FDM 3D printers.

Zetamix Ɛ filament line

The Zetamix Epsilon range of products contains 3 filaments, each one with different permittivity going from 2.2 for the lowest up to 7.5 for the highest. These products are also characterized by their low dielectric losses, their high heat resistance for enduring up to 110 degrees Celsius HDT.


. Printing temperature: 270°C -300°C
. Spools delivered vacuum packed


. High permittivity, low loss
. High temperature resistance
. No sintering needed

Metasurface for flat antennas

In the recent years, several 3D-printed microwave components have been successfully demonstrated, which makes 3D-printing a promising technology for the next generation of antennas and radiofrequency (RF) devices. In order to take the full advantage of 3D-printing for RF applications, new materials with specific dielectric properties need to be developed and mastered.

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