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Strong and flexible

BoneMatrix creates complex material depositing patterns that mimic porous bone structures, fibrotic tissues, and ligaments.

It is a tough, flexible material with memory to maintain its shape. Musculoskeletal models match bone density characteristics and behave like native bone when force is applied such as discectomy, drilling, reaming or sawing.

Key Features

  • Orthopedic screw pullout force has a similar haptic response as cadaver bone

  • Models accurately replicate cortex thickness of cadaver bone

  • Spine models accurately represent the range of motion of human and cadaver spines

  • Targets the range of lumbar disc stiffness to accurately mimic disease pathologies

Typical applications

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Pre-Surgical Planning

Better understand patient specific anatomy that may be difficult to visualize with patient imaging (2D scans) and 3D reconstructions of patient scans on a computer. 3D medical models may improve the diagnosis of illnesses, clarify treatment decisions and help better prepare for the procedure by practicing the surgical intervention on the model prior to entering the operating room.

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Education & Training

Provide practical surgical training in a risk-free setting by practicing on the most accurate representation of the targeted pathology. Teach medical professionals how to do complex procedures. Show them how a new surgical tool or device works in the specific anatomy it was designed to treat, all while experiencing similar haptic feedback as you would be practicing on the real thing.

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Medical Device Development

Drive innovation forward by testing and perfecting new devices and technologies on realistic human anatomy in a range of pathologies. Create consistency in testing to enhance product quality, reduce costs, and accelerate time to market. 3D printed models provide high repeatability between samples, minimizing confounding variables and allowing for clinically-relevant benchtop testing.

Compatible printers

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