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Print stronger parts with carbon fibre 3D printers

Stratasys F190 CR

F190 CR applications

Workholding fixtures

Composites like carbon fibre materials allow the substitution of machined metal for strong and rigid 3D printed soft jaws, fixtures and manufacturing aids.



Composite materials provide the mechanical properties for durable low-volume production parts, eliminating the constraints of traditional methods.

production parts

​Functional prototypes

Capitalise on the high-strength capabilities of composite 3D printing to accelerate production with fast, iterative functional prototyping.

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Reliable composite 3D printing – and a lot more.

Supplement machining with composite and carbon fibre 3D printing. The Stratasys F190 Composite-Ready printer offers carbon fibre and engineering-grade thermoplastics to build strong workholding fixtures, tooling and parts.

Industry-leading performance

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Material versatility

High-strength composites, diverse engineering-grade thermoplastics and open material capability unlock a wide range of applications on the most versatile composite 3D printer in its class.

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Intuitive operation

Simple set up and operation means you can be printing in minutes. GrabCAD Print software provides an intuitive workflow and printer features are designed for easy functionality.

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Unmatched reliability

The F370 Composite-Ready 3D printer is built on the same platform as the highly-reliable F123 Series printers, with a demonstrated 99% uptime and 99% dimensional repeatability performance.

Supporting Materials

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