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Designed to handle the most demanding manufacturing needs

Stratasys F900

F900 Applications


Capitalise on the Stratasys F900’s generous build volume to prototype large parts in a single print, avoiding high cost and lead times.



Replace heavy metal jigs, fixtures and manufacturing aids with lighter tools made from strong, durable thermoplastics.

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Production parts

Meet production goals faster with 3D printed end-use parts for low-volume orders, obsolete parts or as a bridge to full production.

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Built for large-scale manufacturing

Trusted by global industry leaders in manufacturing, the high-performance Stratasys F900 3D printer sets the standard for reliable, accurate 3D printing. Whether you’re printing a full tray of complex parts or one large part, the F900 delivers accurate results, every time.

Industry-leading performance


High strength

Stratasys FDM technology sets the standard in carbon fibre printing for tools and end-use parts that demand high strength and stiffness.

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Production throughput

The ability to achieve consistent build results across the entire F900 build plate lets you use the entire build area, to maximise productivity and throughput.

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Unmatched consistency

Unequalled consistency when it comes to part properties. You get consistent, repeatable results, from the first part to the last.

Supporting Materials

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