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J826 Prime 3D Printer

Challenge meets versatility.

J826™ Prime
In the time it takes to make a single prototype using traditional methods, you can get 5x more design iterations with a J826 3D printer. This compact design holds a large, seven-material capacity that allows you to load your most-used resins and avoid the downtime associated with material changeovers. Plus, you can print each design alternative quickly with the Super High-Speed mode, an accelerated workflow that enables you to design, test and refine your prototype in a matter of days, not weeks.

J826 Prime applications

For Design

With over 500,000 unique colors, realistic texture simulation, flexible and transparent materials and a click-and-print workflow, the J826 and J850 Prime 3D printers are the most versatile full-color printers on the market.

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For Engineering

From efficient concept models to functional testing and single-color multimaterial prototypes, the J850 Pro is the ideal engineering solution to help you speed through form and fit verification.

Design applications


Consumer Products

With thousands of unique shades, including over 600,000 PANTONE® Validated colors and a full range of opacities, the only limit is your imagination. 


Packaging Development

Flexible and transparent materials, full color and multi-material capabilities and the ability to incorporate complexities like cavities and thin walls will streamline your workflow.


Consumer Electronics

Surface texture capabilities allow you to simulate almost any material in-house, from woodgrain to leather to fabric providing more flexibility to perfect your product.


Medical Models

Full color capabilities and excellent resolution make PolyJet Technology an ideal choice for medical models, both for surgical preparation and student training. 

Supporting Materials

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