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Zetamix Silicon Carbide Filament

SiC filaments are compatible with most of FFF/FDM 3D printers.

Material: Silicon Carbide

Silicon carbide is an extremely hard material, very resistant to wear and thermal shocks. Ideal for advanced applications such as heat exchangers or military applications, it can also be polished for the creation of mirrors for the aerospace industry.


. Printing temperature: 120C°
. Sintering process : 2200°C under partial vacuum (Ar 90 MB)


. Thermal shock resistant
. Resistance to abrasion and corrosion
. Lightweight materials

How one of the most famous luxury brand gives Zetamix a chance and never regret it

Since its beginning in 2008, Nanoe has provided ceramic powders for the most famous French luxury brands in order to produce various jewels such as watch bearing, watch face or ceramic pearls.Thus, when one of this luxury brand heard about the launch of the 3D printing brand Zetamix, they didn’t hesitate to order filaments. They became one of the first company to trust Zetamix technology and to adopt it.

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