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The project consisted in providing five sculptures, the first “Helical Holes” is installed in Arte Sella, Borgo, Italy, the other four are installed for the University of Twente in the Netherlands.

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This concept project is the realisation of an Eco-park underwater in Porto Santo Stefano, Italy, call Underwater Moma, it was studied to be at a depth between 10 and 15 metres, all 3D Printed.
The underwater museum occupy an elliptical shape and the area is delimited by a series of “emergent reef”.

The project contains ten sculptures, works by different artist and they are think for help the fauna and flora helping the fish restocking.


The Leaf

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It is a concept project finalized to the valuation of a method of an innovative reclamation of arid soil based on an invention of Ing. Enrico Dini.
This patented method is based on a creation of an artificial water table and reclamation by filling.

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