Principal For FDM Technology


4DSimulations is an official channel partner with Raise3D who is dedicated to pioneering flexible manufacturing, which helps our customers to improve their competitive advantage through utilizing the benefits of Additive Manufacturing.


WASP aims to build ‘zero-mile homes, using materials found in the surrounding area. A similar project requires that the machine be portable and features low energy consumption since, in large areas of the planet, there is no electricity at all. It must therefore be able to use renewable energies such as sun, wind, and water.


3DP approach to additive manufacturing is defined by the dynamic needs of the marketplace and our solution-based relationship with customers. The entire 3DP is committed to a partnership that aims to maximize customer benefits through the implementation and support of 3D printing technology.

Principal For MJF Technology


HP Multi Jet Fusion technology gives the freedom to iterate and test various designs and create faster, cheaper, and more lightweight products like gauges, models, sports performance eyewear, helmets, and trophies. It uses a fine-grained PA12 powder material that allows for ultra-thin layers of 80 microns.

Principal For Composite and Metal 3d Printing


Markforged and 4DSimulation are changing the pace of invention with the Digital Forge. The Digital Forge platform seamlessly combines best-in-class machines, software, and both metal and composite materials to empower engineers and designers to go from a design to a functional part more efficiently.

Principal For sla Technology


Formlabs products include Form 3, Form 3B, and Form 3L, powered by Low Force Stereolithography (LFS)™ 3D printing, Form 2 SLA 3D printer, Form Wash and Form Cure post-processing solutions, Fuse 1 SLS 3D printer, and Form Cell manufacturing solution.

Principal For SLM Technology


Xact Metal 3d printer of Selective Laser Melting or Direct Metal Laser Sintering—is an Additive Manufacturing process using a laser to melt consecutive layers on a metal powder-bed. The powder fuses into the finished dimensional part, incorporating complex internal and external geometries.

Principal For DED Technology


InssTek is a leading metal 3D printing company in the additive manufacturing industry and delivers innovative systems and services globally. Since 2001, InssTek has developed the technology, DMT®, to refine product quality and operational effectiveness.


Sciaky’s Directed Energy Deposition (DED) method is a metal additive manufacturing process where an energy source – usually an Electron Beam, Laser or Arc – is directed toward a plate or other substrate material where it impinges with wire or powder feedstock material and melts, leaving deposited material on the substrate.

Principal For 3D SCANNER


The NextEngine 3D Scanner ULTRA HD uses laser triangulation technology. This 3D scanner can be used with a rotating table or without it. An array of laser beams is projected on the object at the center of the rotating plate.

Principal For Reverse Engineering Software's


The NextEngine 3D Software ULTRA HD uses laser triangulation technology. This 3D scanner software can be used with a rotating table or without it. An array of laser beams is projected on the object at the center of the rotating plate.


The pressure is building on designers to create lighter, faster, and stronger products at lower costs. Simulation is a great way to analyze and validate the product as a virtual prototype before making a physical one. PTC enables you to iterate more quickly and design with greater confidence  – while saving both money and time.


ZW3D delivers multi-CAD support, 2D Drawing, 3D CAD Modeling, design validation, sheet metal, mold design & 2X-5X CNC machining in a single package. Plus, first-class & timely support can shorten the learning cycle and lead time.