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J35™ Pro 3D Printer

The versatile multi-material office printer.

The J35 Pro is an affordable PolyJet 3D printer suitable for the shared office offering multi-material capabilities for functional design and concept modeling providing engineers and designers the versatility to produce parts that match their exact needs.

Need a better understanding of how the J35 Pro simplifies your workflow? The J35 Pro e-book provides detailed data and screenshots. You won’t believe how easy it is.


A quick look at J35 Pro

How does the J35 office printer enhance functional and concept prototypes meeting the different needs with multiple materials and parts on a single printing tray?

J35 Pro Applications


Consumer goods

1. Functional prototyping
2. Design prototyping


Consumer electronics

1. Functional prototyping
2. Design prototyping



1. Research Institutes
2. University “in-house” 3D printing

Key benefits



Supports engineers and designers with different needs during various stages of the product development cycle is challenging.


Office & user-friendly

Provides the benefits of an engineering-grade printer without the hassles.


Reducing costs & time

All-in-one multi-material PolyJet printer with highest quality and value.

Supporting Materials

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