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Accurate, repeatable and high-strength parts faster than ever before.

Stratasys F770

F770 Applications


​Prototyping large parts easily and in-house is now possible, thanks to the generous capacity of the F770. Print your designs in full size instead of using scaled-down versions.


Jigs and fixtures

​Lower the cost and lead time to make or outsource manufacturing tools by 3D printing them instead. The F770’s substantial build volume means you can create larger tools in a single piece.

production parts

Production parts

3D printing is the perfect tool for short-run, end-use parts that aren’t economical to produce with CNC machining or other traditional manufacturing methods.

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Industrial scale printing. Simplified.

​Print big without the high capital investment of exclusive, large-format printers. The Stratasys F770 3D printer makes printing large, complex parts affordable, reliable and easy.

Industry-leading performance

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Large print capacity

Enough space to print parts up to a metre long in an affordably-priced system.

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Stratasys reliability

Proven technology with print-and-forget dependability so what you design is what you get.

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The intuitive GrabCAD Print software allows easy file prep and remote print monitoring.

Supporting Materials

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