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Victrex AM 200 PAEK

Low-melt PAEK FDM Filament

Victrex AM™ 200 is a low-melt polyaryletherketone (LMPAEK) thermoplastic FDM material. Designed specifically for additive manufacturing, it offers the benefits of a polyaryletherketone (PAEK) material while addressing the the challenges associated with 3D printing this family of polymers that includes PEEK and PEKK.

Typical applications

Production Parts

Production Parts

Out-of-production, low-volume, and customized production part applications.



High-requirement jigs, fixtures and other manufacturing aids.

Performance properties

11 (1).png
Tensile Yield Strength (XZ Orientation)

63.7 MPa (9250 psi)

11 (1).png
Flexural Modulus (XZ Orientation)

2.25 GPa (327 ksi)

Compatible printers

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